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"There is a great peace that comes from being in the presence of an awakened teacher like Dawa."
- Lisa S.
"I have been wanting to help humanity and by learning the practices which Dawa teaches which are really very simple and beautiful, I am able to accomplish this desire on a daily basis."
- Carol Z.
"Dawa clearly explains how to approach mindfulness and how to practice. He brings out the best in all of us and we in turn bring it out in each other."
- Joe K.
"My business has tripled in 3 months. It is impossible to describe how grateful I am for the wisdom and guidance I have received in recognizing my potential" 
-Nancy H.
What is...
 The Mindful Leadership Tribe?
The Mindful Leadership Tribe is a joyful, lively, committed and thriving online community and learning portal for leaders just like you.

I will personally teach you cutting edge insights and tools gained from over 30,000 hours of mindfulness and meditation practice and over 10 years of mindful leadership work so that you can evolve as a mindful leader NOW and achieve your goals. 
Join me and our global community of mindful leaders and discover the power of presence and mindful leadership to transform all aspects of your life and the lives of those you touch.
Who Is It For?

The Mindful Leadership Tribe is for leaders in business, education, healthcare & wellness, government and NGOs who want to gain mastery over their ability to inspire, uplift and influence, and who want to make an impact through being authentic role models of a new form of leadership. 

The Mindful Leadership Tribe is for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, corporate trainers and leadership development professionals,  who want to be at the cutting edge of this emerging field of mindful leadership. 

If you...
  • Want to create powerful engagement, passion, committment and clarity in the world
  • If you’ve intuitively felt there’s a way to lead while staying focused, open and grounded in the present but you are not quite there
  • If you have something you feel called to do and achieve, and want the support and guidance of a qualified master teacher, mindful leader and experienced and professional guide, as well as the support of a group of like-minded influential peers
Then the Mindful Leadership Tribe membership is perfect for you!
  •  Join a global community of likeminded leaders
  •  Guide yourself, your organization, business and community in a more conscious and holistic way
  •  Inspire, uplift and impact people with your unique mindful leadership style
  •  Learn and practice the art of positive influence and engagement
  •  Practice mindfulness, focus and awareness skills in a supportive environment 
  •  Learn real world tools and strategies for improving your business results, teamwork, and accomplishing lifelong goals

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together"
-African Proverb
Here’s What You Get When You Join Today 
  • Two 60-minute live video Q&A and group coaching calls per month where I teach on mindful leadership, answer your personal questions, guide meditations and help you access the clarity, power and confidence inherent in your mind, heart and body.
$997 / Month VALUE
  • One 60-minute masterclass per month where we delve deep into key areas of mindful leadership and conscious living. Lead by myself and other world-renowned experts like Daniel Goleman, Blaine Bartlett, Jill Lublin, Phil Town, Susan Stiffelman, Arjuna Ardagh, Anita Sanchez, Joel Roberts, Dave Asprey and many others.
$497 / Month VALUE
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations that you can download and listen to over and over again to help you take what you are learning and bring it more fully into your life.
$97/ Month VALUE
  • An exclusive community of mindful leaders to share ideas and wisdom, gain feedback and grow with.
  • Plus lots more...
  • Insights from scientific research being done on mindfulness and mindful leadership
  •  Case study discussions so you can see what mindful leadership looks like in action
  •  10% discount on all our online products
  •  Periodic exclusive Mindful Leadership Tribe bonuses offered only to our members

$67/ Month VALUE
$39/ Month VALUE
Total Value of everything you'll receive is over $1697,- each and every month.

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Endorsement from Respected Industry Leaders
CEO, The Canfield Training Group
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the real deal. He is an authentic and experienced master teacher and highly accomplished in the skills of personal and organizational transformation and the principles of success. An unusually innovative and visionary thinker, Dawa can open your eyes to what it means to live your fullest potential and lead with purpose, vision and resolve. After all, it is results that count. Dawa sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.” 
Best-selling author and speaker
"I deeply respect Dawa’s work, integrity and vision in the field of conscious leadership, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, education and mindfulness. His leadership knowledge and research has captured the attention of respected leaders, health care professionals, and teachers worldwide. As an author for McGraw-Hill Publishing in New York, and as a platform speaker and facilitator, I highly recommend the work of Dawa Tarchin Phillips. I am, therefore, available at anytime to endorse him or to provide necessary testimonials.”
Author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips ranks among the most competent, authentic and trustworthy people I know. 

He has world-class expertise in the applications of mindfulness to the problems of people and organizations, and an intuitive well-grounded wisdom that benefits executives and their companies alike.” 
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We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value. That's why we back this up with a 30-day 100% risk free money back guarantee.
Why I Do What I Do...
There were times when I too felt stuck, limited and blocked by fears, doubts and hesitations. Like many of you, I wanted to understand who I truly was, where I came from, where I was going and why I was really here. I knew intuitively that there was something important to discover here. Something inside each of us worth finding, seeing and liberating, but it was blocked by the pain and suffering that I saw all around me and also still carried within. My own journey to discover my true nature took me through 12 years of life in a monastery, a decade as a monk, 7 years of closed meditation retreat and over 30,000 hours in deep practice. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to take the same route that I did. I left the monastery in 2007 and founded Empowerment Holdings, our current leadership development company, to teach people around the world and leaders just like you to connect with their authentic selves in everyday life; and to lead from a place of powerful mindfulness, focus, presence, clarity and awareness. I’ve trained tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, from business leaders, polititians, celebrities, athletes, teachers, authors, coaches, parents and teens to access their innate freedom and leadership potential while navigating and excelling at the complexities of modern life. This Mindful Leadership Tribe membership is a distillation of all that I’ve learned over the last two decades of leadership and working with leaders so that you can discover the true nature of who you really are and lead from that nature without having to first spend years in retreat in order to find it. Don't miss this rare opportunity that is your life!
Dawa Tarchin Phillips
Join TODAY before enrollment closes at midnight, July 8th.
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